Hi, Welcome to Duck & Dressing

"Hi! Welcome to Duck & Dressing!" Oh wait I don't have to say that here. I say it a hundred times a day at the store, it just flies out sometimes.

Welcome to the Duck & Dressing blog! Its a new year and just wanted to start a new adventure so that maybe I can share some of the fun behind the scenes stuff that goes on around the store and also share some of the styles that we are featuring. We've been working around the clock getting the store running but we've been having some fun too!

We had an amazing Grand Opening/Holiday party back in December and wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who came out and supported us. Also we wanted to thank everyone who helped us make such an awesome party happen. Here's some photos from the party. I hope you enjoy them!

I could have just moved in and living in our party tent (if they didn't have to steal it back the next day *sigh*)

Of course a Louisiana party isn't complete without Abita Beer and Duck Commander Wine;)

 Its crazy what your can do with a few branches and some antlers.
Thanks to our amazing party planner/interior designer, Tish Miller.

Quack Quack.

Awesome friends / Leauxla's favorite baby sitters (my amazing hairstylist Blake Mason on the right!)

Hardworking and beautiful employees. Made the night perfect (I promise I won't throw parties you have to work all the time!)

So Jep and Jessica brought their friend Max Thieriot to the party and I didn't even realize that it was him! Rats missed my chance!

Of course my family:) Minus Will and John Luke who were too cool to be in my picture. Probably talking to girls or blowing stuff up.

Love these two couples. Looking sharp! They are professionals when it comes to taking photos in front of the step & repeat :)

Best Model Award goes to 2-Mama and Korie.  Looking gorgeous sporting Duck & Dressing clothing. I don't know what I would do without these women! Thank you for your examples and all you do for me!

Reed Robertson not only rocking a D&D Monroe Tee but rocking the house! (He covered NEEDTOBREATHE for me since they couldn't make it.)

Our amazing human mannequins. I can't believe they stood still all night! (sorry for all the times you got poked and asked if you were real.)

Willie and John Luke jumped on stage with Darius Rucker. I think they were trying to "rock me like a wagon wheel"? or rock a baby? who knows.

Having Darius Rucker there was so awesome! It made the party:)

So glad my friends came out to support me!

Really John David?!? *hint hint season five*

Love these ladies from Whitney Eve that came down to visit and brought goodies to give away. And Meagan Shackelford to the far right, if there was a "Employee of Forever Month", it would be her!

Thanks so much to Corey Bahr and his team from Cotton. The food was awesome. Those Duck Fat French Fries...mmmm so good...BRB going to Cotton right now.

OK I got my Fries and I'm back! Hope you enjoyed the photos and we have the full gallery on our Facebook so go check them out! Hopefully I'll remember that I started this little blog and continue to update it. I'll get Meagan to remind me.


  1. Congrats on the new store and blog. It's going to be a great adventure and can't wait to check it out.

  2. Greetings from Arizona! And congratulations on your boutique! I'll be sure to be an online shopper :)

  3. CanNOT wait for the online shop to open! :)

  4. Thanks everyone for being so patient ! I can't wait to launch the online store either :)

    1. Hey Rebecca how does local North Louisiana media get on your event coverage list? Thanks

  5. OH MY! Look at the goodies!! Us Texas girls want to shop online too!! HURRRRRRY!

  6. Oh Kori and Rebecca I hope you did not forget us full figured girls........The store is just awesome to say the least. As the ole song goes A Country Boy Can Survive......

  7. Congratulations on the store and blog! Greetings from Japan! Can't wait to shop online.

  8. Congratulations!!! I can't wait to visit the store. Please post the address on your website so that we can visit and shop. Thanks.

  9. Congratulations on the boutique, it looks fabulous! Looking forward to shopping online from GA!
    xo Liz @ www.PrettySweetLife.com

  10. Love the show and I love the pictures of the items from your store! I am looking forward to your online store!

  11. So excited to see your online store!




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