Won't Do Me No Good Washing in the River

Living in the South, you would think it would be warm and sunny, and we would all be out and about having fun. And normally you would be right. 
But right now its super cold! And I made the brilliant mistake of trying to go outside to get pictures for this blog. Not smart.  Other places are covered in snow, but here we cancel school just because our roads "might" freeze over for the night (Oh no!)  So I thought I would do a look to show how I use my clothes out of my closet to layer and stay warm(ish) when the weather drastically changes down here (which in Louisiana is very common).

One way to stay warm and look cute while doing so would be to pair a casual flannel with a structured jacket. Using a more structured piece as an outer layer keeps your outfit from looking bulky when you are layering. Second would be to always have a pair of tall boots on hand with those fluffy or snowflake thick socks, seriously, the more colorful the better. You know, the ones your grandmother gave you at Christmas that you looked at, rolled your eyes, and thought, "When will I ever wear these?" You can pair these hideous socks with your tall boots and no one will even know you have them on, also you can thank your Grandmother later!



Scarf:  Donni Charm Touch Double
Jacket:  BCBG Max Azria "Ace" denim 
Shirt: BCBGeneration Flannel shirt
Jeans:  Mother Denim The crop looker graffiti girl
Boots:  Bed Stu Manchester II Black Luxe

Get the entire outfit in store at Duck & Dressing (411 Desiard St. Monroe LA)


  1. my girl, i think you are my new favorite style icon! seriously you know how to dress!!


  2. I am completely smitten with those boots!


  3. Love the entire look! Stay warm!

  4. EEK! Excited to follow along. I love how you title your post. Can't wait to read more.

  5. Just found your blog. Following now and looking forward to checkin it out. Thanks for sharing. :)

  6. You are so cute! I am so glad I found your blog! (through Korie on instagram)

  7. Extra love the boots....they are fab!!

  8. Too CUTE! Excited for you all to get your online store up-n-runnin'!!.... Must. Order.


  9. Love the blog... excited for the online shop too.




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