Denim on Denim aka Canadian Tuxedo

So, to start off I want to say sorry I have been slacking about posting since my last post on Valentines day. I have been working very hard going to markets to buy for the store. (Yay new stuff!) and I've also been working hard on our online store (I am sure many of you wouldn't mind that ;)) and here's the icing on the cake...I get a stupid virus that makes me stay in bed for few days, besides getting up to throw up in the toilet...if I am lucky.

So all that being said:
I would like to keep this post short and sweet ;)
So it's obvious I am pulling a Canadian tuxedo here, but I always love denim, I don't think I ever leave the house in the morning without any denim on me. There is just something about it, they make you feel tough yet stylish and feminine all at the same time.  

Jeans: Current Eliott 
Watch: Red Monkey 
Bracelet: Lat & Lo (has Monroe coordinates on it)
Leather bag: Bed Stu
Drawstring Bag: Krochet Kids 
Necklace: Serefina
Photography: Honest Photography 
Special thanks to Libby Gifford for letting us shoot in this historic location!


  1. Love, love the boots! Can't wait until I can shop online:)

  2. So sorry you've been sick, that's never fun! I love your blog and can't wait for the online store!!! Always love the outfits you put together!

  3. Love the boots....and of course DENIM!

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