Farm life....well kind of.

Ok I know it's been a while. But I have a really good excuse. I might've forgotten my blog password.
That and I've been super busy trying to make this whole online store thing happen. Turns out...not so easy. But it's coming, I promise!!!!

These photos are from a photo shoot we did for the online store. And since here recently I've pretty much been wearing sweatpants and t-shirts, sitting in the back of the store staring at a computer screens, they will have to suffice for photos for the blog too.

Aaaaanyways. About this outfit. Its incredibly important to be able to look chic and then be able to go jump on a four wheeler with your gal pal and your puppy. Very important. It may not have been what I was going for, but it's what happened.

Just wanted to give ya'll a sneak peek of some things that will be on our online store (which is coming very soon). And all these styles are currently available in store at Duck & Dressing.

Doesn't Leauxla just look so happy!!!!

Jacket: Endless Rose
Tank: Chaser
Shorts: Blu Pepper
Shoes: Bed Stu

On Lauren,
Matching Top & Shorts: Endless Rose
Shoes: Bed Stu

Also thanks a ton to my friends for coming in town to help with this photo shoot.
Photography: Jessi Arnold
Hair: Phoenix Rose


  1. Love the jacket! Can't wait till you have your online store up or I should make a trip to West Monroe.

  2. I love these outfits ! I just wish there was a young an older version of the same look. I have 2 kids and I could never pull off shorts that tiny . But they are super cute !!
    P.s. kudos to the photographer these shots are gorgeous

  3. I need Dooney and Burke Satchel ASAP

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